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There are three versions of  midi kits for CMU800R:

1. Litzhaus midi kit based on AKI H8 Tiny. Made in 2001. Never tested by Deftaudio. Get all necessary files here.

2. RJB  blog first midi kit version.  Made in 2004. Based on PIC 16F876. Tested by Deftaudio. Seems isn't stable but it works. Author doesn't recommend to use it now. Get 
all necessary files here.

and  the last one, the correct one:

3. RJB blog second midi kit version. Made in 2008. Based on AVR ATmega168. Tested by Deftaudio. Works perfectly. Has advanced midi features. Get 
all necessary files here.

Midi implementation chart:

Midi channel CMU800R CV/Gate out Comments
1 Melody Ch1 1-voice
2 Bass Ch2 1-voice
3 Chord Ch3 1-voice
4 Chord
Ch4 1-voice
5 Chord Ch5 1-voice
6 Chord Ch6 1-voice
7 - Ch7 1-voice
8 - Ch8 1-voice
9 - -
10 Rhythm - 7-poly drums in GM
11-16 - -

Also support pitch shift, CCs on 01, 16, 17, 18, RPN and midi reset mesages.  Look original manual inside the package or on RJB blog.

This kit is available to order thru Deftaudio support email.
midi kit

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RJB blog CMU800R midi kit

ilitzhaus CMU800R  midi mod